My Process

As a portfolio manager in Stifel's Solutions Program, I manage assets on a discretionary basis using a pre-screened investment approach.  This enables me to quickly react to market conditions when executing your investment strategies.  The result is customized investment management, with strategies tailored to your specific needs or objectives. 

Following a disciplined investment process, I believe in the old adage “slow and steady wins the race.”  I pay close attention to the risk you are willing to take as I help you navigate each stage of the retirement process as you endeavor to:

  1. Accumulate your wealth to fund your future goals
  2. Transition seamlessly into retirement  
  3. Maintain your chosen lifestyle throughout retirement and beyond  

As my grandfather told me: “Ron, you don't have to make your clients a lot of money, just don't lose it.”  My clients are a delightfully diverse group that includes retirees, pre-retirees, affluent families, and small business owners.  Together, we will build a customized wealth management plan designed to help take you into the next chapter of your life and prepare for the “what-ifs” – the unexpected career change, the financial burden of a health challenge, or the sudden loss of a relationship or loved one.  At the foundation of everything I do is my solid commitment to you, your goals, and your best interests.